July 2022 Overview IT-Events

July 2022 Overview C++ IT-Events

Thursday, 7. July

Dresden Batabase – Dresden Database is a group all about database technologies. Will talk about NoSQL, RDBMS, Graph databases and so on.

Tuesday, 12. July

Softwerkskammer Chemnitz – [Online] an expedition will be launched this evening to explore this uncharted territory. After the basic why? and how? have been clarified, we will devote ourselves to concrete examples, problems and stumbling blocks and open the space for mutual exchange of experiences.

Thursday, 14. July

DresdenJS.io JavaScript User Group – [Dresden] Lars Wiedemann gives a talk “State Management in Angular mit ngrx-lite” and some more.

Thursday, 21. July

Agile Maturity – Meetups and Workshops – [Online] This free event is intended as an open space. You are free to set further topics regarding new work, agile working, scrum, retrospectives, leadership at eye level, organizational development or whatever comes to your mind on the topic of new working worlds. To share questions and ideas about agile working, develop new ones, tackle challenges and simply work better.

Cocoaheads Leipzig – needs a place.

Rust Community Stuttgart – [Online] A Place for Meeting, Show Projects, Discussions, and anything else we have in mind. Let us organize spontaneous Coding Dojos, Katas, Live Coding, Online Pair Programming by demand.

Thursday, 28. July

C++ User Group Karlsruhe – [Online] We meet on the platform and form groups to discuss about various topics, from C++ to Rust, from embedded to functional programming.
We can form groups spontaneously. If you want, you can suggest topics, vote.


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