December 2022 Overview IT-Events

December 2022 Overview IT-Events

Thursday, 1. December

Meeting C++ – [Online] Submit your talk under.

Dresden Batabase – Dresden Database is a group all about database technologies. Will talk about NoSQL, RDBMS, Graph databases and so on.

Saturday, 3. December

DevFest Berlin 2022 – [Online] Berlin’s Google Developer Groups are joining forces again for the annual DevFest Berlin, this time as a hybrid event! it’ll has several short talks, some networking sessions and a great atmosphere.

Wednesday, 7. December

Rust Community Stuttgart – [Online] A Place for Meeting, Show Projects, Discussions, and anything else. Let they organize spontaneous Coding Dojos, Katas, Live Coding, Online Pair Programming by demand.

Thursday, 8. December

JavaScript User Group – JavaScript is better than no programming language at all without metaprogramming and first-class functions. Every month a meeting is organized to discuss current developments, listen to lectures and kick and chat!

Cocoaheads Leipzig – [Online] In keeping with Christmas, it’s all about turning lights on and off. Max tells about the building automation technology in his house.

Tuesday, 13. December

Digital Craftsmanship – [Online] ASP.NET Core 6 introduced the so-called Minimal APIs, which are intended to replace ASP.NET Core MVC in the long term when it comes to creating Web APIs. But how suitable is this technology for production use? Will take a look under the hood and discuss structure, performance, authentication, Swagger support, dependency injection and automated testing with the new endpoint technology.

Wednesday, 14. December

WeAreDevelopers Community – [Online] In this episode of WeAreDevelopers Live, it talks about one of the hottest topics in the tech world right now: Machine Learning.
The day starts with a really cool topic: automated driving and how to overcome one of its biggest challenges using Deep Learning algorithms.

JFrog Germany DevOps Meetup – [Online] Learn the benefits of container image management using the JFrog Platform. This one-hour workshop will give you hands-on experience wrangling the artifacts you use for your containerized app, how to trace related dependencies and why that is important.

Thursday, 15. December

Agile Co:learning – [Online] Develop your Agile Maturity together with others and become part of Berlin’s Co:Learning Community!
This event is an open space. You are free to choose your own topics regarding new work, agile working, scrum, retrospectives, leadership at eye level, organizational development or whatever else comes to your mind on the topic of new working environments.

Rust Community Stuttgart – [Online] A Place for Meeting, Show Projects, Discussions, and anything else you have in mind.

Thursday, 22. December

C++ User Group Karlsruhe – [Online] There will be discussions on various topics, from C++ to Rust, from embedded to functional programming.

I wish for you that all your Christmas wishes comes true! Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!


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