February 2023 Overview IT-Events

February 2023 Overview IT-Events

Wednesday, 1. February

WeAreDevelopers Community – [Online] the conference will kick off with an in-depth exploration of the inner workings of the Vue 3 reactivity engine. From there, we’ll delve into the world of visual testing and learn how to effectively test client-side applications. Next, we’ll take a look at TresJS, a powerful tool for adding 3D functionality to Vue and Nuxt applications. Finally, we’ll discuss strategies for avoiding technical debt with petite-vue. So get ready and tune in for the WeAreDevelopers LIVE – Vue.js Day!

Rust Community Stuttgart – [Online] A Place for Meeting, Show Projects, Discussions, and anything else. Let they organize spontaneous Coding Dojos, Katas, Live Coding, Online Pair Programming by demand.

Thursday, 2. February

Agile User Group FrankfurtRheinMain – [Online] Caroline Haußmann and Rafael Kasprzak are Enterprise Agile Coach, they give a short impulse about coaching. they explain the Coaching Dojo format and give hints and techniques for the coaching conversation.

Dresden Batabase – Dresden Database is a group all about database technologies. Will talk about NoSQL, RDBMS, Graph databases and so on.

Tuesday, 7. February

Softwerkskammer Chemnitz – [Online] In this talk you will learn what Team Programming actually is, which approaches and tools are used. If you are interested in new models of collaboration, if you would like to know how Team Programming works, or if you doubt that it can work, then this is the right talk for you.

Thursday, 9. February

C++ User Group Lugano – [Online] The meeting setup will be similar to the one previously proposed: a brief introduction of a topic (time-boxed 30 mins) and enough room to discuss. Allocators, Cpp2/Cppfront, design patterns, runtime polymorphism, sdk abstraction/integration, guidelines, … can you name some other? Feel free to propose your speech, the call for speakers is always open!

JavaScript User Group – JavaScript is better than no programming language at all without metaprogramming and first-class functions. Every month a meeting is organized to discuss current developments, listen to lectures and kick and chat!

Tuesday, 14. February

Dresdner Drupal User Group – [Online] without Agenda. You can chat and ask questions.

Wednesday, 15. February

WeAreDevelopers Community – [Online] Exploring the depth and breadth of DevOps! Learn about the latest trends and best practices in the field of DevOps. Topics incl. continuous integration and continuous delivery, secrets management in the GitOps era, cutting-edge project Flux for automating Kubernetes clusters, and a community member’s 90-day DevOps learning journey. Also, hear from a special guest speaker on her journey as a woman in the DevOps industry. algorithms.

Thursday, 16. February

Agile Co:learning – [Online] Develop your Agile Maturity together with others and become part of Berlin’s Co:Learning Community!
This event is an open space. You are free to choose your own topics regarding new work, agile working, scrum, retrospectives, leadership at eye level, organizational development or whatever else comes to your mind on the topic of new working environments.

Rust Community Stuttgart – [Online] A Place for Meeting, Show Projects, Discussions, and anything else you have in mind.

Thursday, 23. February

Meeting C++ – [Online] Giving the AMAs a new name: Meeting C++ live – the guest is Daniela Engert this time!

C++ User Group Karlsruhe – [Online] There will be discussions on various topics, from C++ to Rust, from embedded to functional programming.


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