June 2023 Overview IT-Events

June 2023 Overview IT-Events

Thursday, 1. June

Dresden Database – Dresden Database is a group all about database technologies. Will talk about NoSQL, RDBMS, Graph databases and so on.

Wednesday, 7. June

WeAreDevelopers Community – Cloud Day – [Online] From startups and small businesses to big enterprises – everyone uses clouds nowadays. Modern software and web applications are not imaginable without cloud services anymore. Learn more about this highly interesting and important topic for developers, DevOps specialists, architects, and others at our WeAreDevelopers Live – Cloud Day.

Rust Community Stuttgart – [Online] A Place for Meeting, Show Projects, Discussions, and anything else. Let they organize spontaneous Coding Dojos, Katas, Live Coding, Online Pair Programming by demand.

Thursday, 8. June

JavaScript User Group – JavaScript is better than no programming language at all without metaprogramming and first-class functions. Every month a meeting is organized to discuss current developments, listen to lectures and kick and chat!

Friday, 9. June

Agile Maturity – [Online] You want to become a Scrum Master and need more information about how to get there? You want to start your own business as a Scrum Master? Or you have questions about your Scrum Team or want to better understand the role of the Product Owner? Mr. Becker will answer any question you have! as well as look at how you can prepare your retrospective or what pitfalls can arise in an interview.

Tuesday, 13. June

Digital Craftsmanship Nordoberpfalz – In this talk by Max Jung, we will cover various DDD concepts “in passing”
and put them together to form a Big Picture. We will start with Big Picture EventStorming, which is considered the “quasi-standard” for successful discovery.

Thursday, 15. June

Agile Usergroup FrankfurtRheinMain – [Online] This is your chance to discover innovative work methods, modern work techniques and wacky technologies that are revolutionizing the way we work. There are also plenty of opportunities to connect with other professionals and share ideas on how to create better work environments.

Agile Co:learning – [Online] Join us for Agile Co:learning, our community event with space to learn and try. Come join us and bring yourself and your ideas! Format, moderation, and flow are not fixed. There is the Zoom Link and a Miro board as a learning space – everything else is open and the responsibility of the people who attend.

Rust Community Stuttgart – [Online] A Place for Meeting, Show Projects, Discussions, and anything else you have in mind.

GDG Berlin Golang – [Online] This will be a hybrid event. We’ll post a Zoom Link here as soon as it’s live. If you have more ideas – talk to us at the Gophers slack: https://gophersinvite.herokuapp.com/ in the #berlin channel.

MUC++ – [Online] This talk by Ofek Shilon would give a crash-intro to linkers and explore just enough of their architecture and internals to understand some observable differences in C++ builds between the windows-verse and the linux-verse. We will also touch rant on what the C++ standard has to say on these matters.

Friday, 16. June

Rust Community Stuttgart – [Online] A Place for Meeting, Show Projects, Discussions, and anything else we have in mind.
Let us organize spontaneous Coding Dojos, Katas, Live Coding, Online Pair Programming by demand.

Saturday, 17. June and Sunday, 18.June

MobileCamp 2023 – The BarCamp, organized by MobileCamp e.V., offers space for up to 300 participants who deal with general topics around the IT world in open sessions. Each participant can submit a session proposal and thus actively shape the BarCamp.
The session topics are freely selectable, but should already have a connection to IT.

Mobile Camp 2023

Tuesday, 20. June

.Net User Group Dresden – There is a lot of talk about the quality of software. The difficult thing is that this topic is not as clear-cut as it seems at first glance. Especially if one deviates from describing certain functions and instead devotes oneself to the general quality characteristics, it becomes difficult. For this reason, the lecture first makes a distinction between the most important terms.

Thursday, 22. June

C++ User Group Karlsruhe – [Online] We meet on the platform and form groups to discuss about various topics, from C++ to Rust, from embedded to functional programming.
We can form groups spontaneously. If you want, you can suggest topics, vote for and pick topics at.

Software Engineering Community – [Online] This talk will look at the consequences of cryptocurrencies. Gerrit Beine will show you the social, economic and ecological problems that the experiment of crypto-currencies entails. Crypto-currencies entails. This is about environment in the sense of nature, but also in the sense of
livable space. It is about existences of people and of states. It shows why crypto-currencies are
cannot keep any of their promises of decentralization and freedom. Even more, it clearly shows that
the parallel societies created by such systems force all developers:inside to face moral questions.
The goal is that after the lecture there will be an awareness of the problems associated with the use of crypto-currencies.


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